The Talking Zed – Episode 01 – ‘Flibble’

‘The Talking Zed’? Get it? Like ‘The Walking Dead’ but diff– Oh, nevermind.

I COULD have written a blog post, but I thought “bugger it, let’s make a video”. So here’s a video, in which I wear a shirt and talk at the camera for a bit.

Having just released ‘Flibble’, I WAS planning to write up a big blog post about what it is, what its purpose is, why I made it and all that other nonsense, but it seems like a cool thing to do now for people to make ‘developer diary’ videos, wherein they talk for a bit. So I thought I’d make one of those, instead.

Marvel at my stuttery voice, the low quality of the video, and the fact that halfway through, the lighting starts getting progressively worse, giving me a certain ‘luchador mask’ look, all over my face.


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