Ludum Dare 24 – My Entries

It’s Ludum Dare time again, around the rather difficult theme of ‘Evolution’, and that means new games coming from me, straight to your entertainment-box. Yes, games.

For a lot of people, making just one game in the space of 72 hours is a massive achievement (and so it should be). Me? I had to be different. Of course I did. So I made two.

“The Neon Pink Philosophy” – 48 Hour Competition entry

My competition entry features a lot of GLOWY NEON THINGS. You play as a small, pink blob named Fred, who follows the orders of a mystical disembodied voice in collecting lots of glowy green things. Along the way, he evolves into something more than just a small, pink blob. The game is essentially a twin-stick shooter (although it begins with no actual shooting) with a timed score mechanic for added tension.

There are fully voice-acted cutscenes, which were incredibly hard to do considering how bunged up with the flu I’ve been for the last couple of days, an original music track that will both get stuck in your head AND annoy the living crap out of you, and… Well, that’s it, really. I wanted to add a leaderboard, but I completely ran out of time. Maybe later.

You can check out its Ludum Dare profile page here.

“My Time” – 72 hour Jam entry

The ‘Ludum Dare Monday’ is always a tricky one for me, because I tend to sit around, watching people manically hurrying to finish their Jam entries, and I think “Man, I’m pretty good at the whole ‘rapid prototyping’ thing, I should totally make a Jam entry, too”. I usually don’t, though. This time? Oh hell yeah.

Before the theme was announced, people on the #LD48 hashtag were posting up ideas for any of the potential themes in the last round of voting. I suggested this:

And then… ‘Evolution’ went and won. Finally. So, sat there on a Monday, thinking about whether or not one could realistically enter both the Competition and the Jam, especially working solo, I thought “Oh, go on then” and here we are. It’s a 2D platformer-beat-em-up thing with another timed scoring system and a bit of Motorhead, because why not?

You can find its profile page here

So yes! Those are my Ludum Dare entries for LD24. Play them and, if you’ve entered yourself, please rate them. I will ALWAYS rate back anyone who leaves comments on my entries (although in the interest of fairness, I won’t be using the Jam account to rate things, so don’t be alarmed when it has ZERO Coolness). I’ll probably do another ‘Zed’s Picks’ article in the next week or so, so look out for that, too.


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