Reasons To Donate #5 – Because Look At What Else $10 Can Buy You


Click Here To Watch An Informational Video Of Some Guy Rambling For About Fourteen Minutes In His Kitchen

The lowest tier you can pledge to BitJackers and still receive a reward  is $10 (you can, if you want, donate less and I won’t stop you, but I mean… you’re not going to get anything other than maybe a ‘thanks’ on Twitter), which will get you a lovely DRM-free direct download of the finished game that is yours to keep forever and ever. Burn it to a CD (do people still do that?), drop it on a flash drive, hell, seed it on PirateBay for all I care. It’s yours, do what you want with it.

Now I know, times are hard. That $10, you probably had to work pretty hard for it. It’s your ‘leisure money’, that you can spend on any number of enjoyable activities, as you should. Why then, should you choose to give it to me? Because it’s a damn sight better than some of your other game-related options.

For $10, you can purchase:

03About 98% of a used copy of The Sims 3: Town Life Stuff


One of those little Skylander figurine things (probably not one of the more popular ones, I’m guessing)

04Two thirds of a map pack for Black Ops 2

05Whatever the hell THIS monstrosity is

So there you have it. There are much worse ways to spend your hard-won $10, and I’d be honoured and privileged if you were to pledge them to me.


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