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Opinion: Most games ARE dumb, but then, so is everything else.

This post has a very real danger of getting ‘rambly’ (That’s a word, shut up), so I’m going to get as ‘straight to the point’ as I can.

Stop banging on about how ‘dumb’ games are.

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‘Intense Staring Simulator’ is out

The Flash remake of my second ever game (I promise, I’m done with remakes now) is now available here, so go and play it, if you want a brief, well-written, funny exploration of what it means to hate humanity.

Ludum Dare: Zed’s picks

So, Ludum Dare 23 (the tenth anniversary) was on last weekend, garnering a staggering 1,402 games, all in some way based around the theme ‘Tiny World’, which absolutely blows my mind. I entered, of course, and you can see my entry here

There’s been a fair bit of coverage of certain games (actually, two of the games in this article have already been covered elsewhere), but I felt compelled to present a selection of games that, out of the 221 I have rated (I’m a machine), I found most enjoyable. And so, in no particular order, here they are:

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‘Awesome Bob: Episode One – Bob Begins’ is FINALLY out

Actually, it’s been out forever. But this is the Flash remake, and it’s much better than the original (the first game I ever made).

Play it here

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A (temporary) new site and thus, new games


So I got a swanky new blog-based site, ditching that old, hideous ‘Tumblr’ monstrosity. No more ‘over capacity’ from all the teenage ‘Scene’ girls uploading their instagram photos of benches. Woo!

There’s not a lot here, and I still need to migrate some content over, but there’s now links to some games that never got covered on my old site. I’m planning to actually keep up to date with things, now. Honest.

So enjoy these things, and go vote for my Ludum Dare entry, if you’ve entered.

Zed out.