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Announcing ‘The Zedcade’


Okay, so, glossing over the catastrophic failure of the IndieGoGo campaign for a minute (I might write something about that at some point, I dunno), let’s move on.

I managed to purchase the Android exporter for Multimedia Fusion 2, which means I’m launching a full-frontal assault on the Android market with my usual style and finesse (ahem).

I’ve gone ahead and set up a dedicated blog just for my Android games, which you can find here

I’m hoping to release a game a week over twelve weeks, to give myself a bit of a ‘jumpstart’ on the platform. I’ve already released two, which you can find on the Play store.

So yes, onwards and upwards. No time for dwelling on our failures, and all that.


Reasons To Donate #2 – Because Crowdfunding’s Getting A Bit Silly, Now



Click here to go to the BitJackers Campaign page on IndieGoGo

Far be it from me to tell someone they shouldn’t ‘follow their dreams’ with every fiber of their being. Hell, that’s what I’m doing. I think crowdfunding is a great avenue for that, giving opportunities to people who would otherwise never get a look in. 

Stuff like this, though… Not so much. It’s not just this kid and his Titan, either.

Crowdfunding as a whole has had a few… ‘issues’. I wouldn’t feel comfortable going into too much detail, because I don’t want to look all judgemental and what-not, but if you’re a follower of crowdfunding campaigns, especially within the games industry, you’ve undoubtedly seen one or two that are just… iffy.

BitJackers is not iffy. It’s actually very straightforward, honest, open and pretty simple. As I said in the pitch video and accompanying text, the Arcade mode is done. As a backer, there is no risk to you at all, other than “OH MY GOSH, ZED HAS MET HIS UNTIMELY DEMISE AT THE HANDS OF A ROGUE BUS DRIVER!” or something. 

BitJackers is, to toot my own horn a bit, ‘one of the good ones’. 

Reasons To Donate #1 – Because I Can’t Art


Check out the BitJackers IndieGoGo Campaign Page

See this? See what I’m ‘capable’ of? I recently saw coverage of an AMAZING-looking game, all drawn in ball-point pen, so I thought “Okay, we’ll give that a go”. This is where I ended up.

I think we can all agree, I shouldn’t be allowed to draw things. For this reason, I need money. Otherwise BitJackers is going to look AWFUL. 

Have I mentioned that James BIddulph, the guy I’ve got on board to do all the game art and such, also did the same for the recently released Tax Evaders? So you know there’s some good quality lined up, here. I just need to be able to pay the ludicrously talented man for his time.